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MacArthur HAT production
(2023-12-06, 12:34 PM)Sailoog Wrote: Yes, we will announce the availability on this thread.

The current MacArthur HAT v1.2 already works for RPi4 and RPi5.

MacArthur HAT v1.2 will go to production in the next few days.

That's great!
Is there a signup list or pre-order / payment as would be very interested.
I am a EE running OpenPlotter with Pican-M on Pi4, but just getting a Pi5 from Digikey, and just integrating a new to me Garmin HD radar for my sailboat - a floating test platform Smile 
Plus, I help in the charging side of electric vessels, up to 500kW and MWh battery systems.
Thanks in advance!
James in Halifax, NS
Just to be clear, the MacArthur HAT is Raspberry Pi 5 compatible but it will require OpenPlotter 4.x.x which will still take some time. Follow this thread:
That's Awesome news !!
I'm looking forward to ordering one as soon as it becomes available.
This will make installation a whole lot quicker, easier and more reliable.
Thanks to all !
That's great news, hope I'll be able to get my hands on it too. Will the MAIANA AIS BASE KIT also become available again soon?
The Raspberry Pi Foundation has just announced the new HAT+ specification:

Section 1.1 states:
Quote:The original HAT specification is now deprecated. All new HATs should follow the HAT+ specification.

The main changes with the HAT+ specification are:
• HAT+ boards must be electrically compatible with the STANDBY power state, where the 5V power rail is powered, but the 3.3V rail is unpowered.
 NOTE Raspberry Pi 4 and Raspberry Pi 5 support the STANDBY state, while older Raspberry Pi models do not.
• The specification is less prescriptive about HAT physical dimensions.
• The HAT EEPROM content is now much simpler.
• A special class of HAT+s that can be stacked with an extra HAT+ on top is supported for a maximum stack of two HATs.

How will this affect the MacArthur HAT?
Will the Pi5 support onboard Bluetooth as well as the MacArthur HAT? I am really missing using Bluetooth for the keyboard (I was told just to buy a bluethooth dongle, I bought two different ones now, neither worked with my Pi/Linux ) and now I have batteries with bluetooth access to the BMS and I really want to monitor the batteries.

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