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Help need for Europe river charts
You know i am not have a sailboat and i like to go from netherlands to the black sea. On this tour i will have in a lot of regions no internet and so i need rivercharts. complete tour is ~3200 km

Is there a step to step guide how to make river charts for opencpn with a windows computer.

information should be the same like in the Openstreetmap or openseamap/openrivermap online charts. I got the maps as they come from Openstreetmap for Europe. Are thousands of small pictures and i have them zipped. It works with Androit and Windows WinNav / GPS32 without any problems but not with Openplotter.

Any Ideas and Help and a step by step guide or someone that can guide me step by step in this Thread now?

S63 and all available Charts show only the Coast but thats not what i need.

To open the project not only for sailboats and not only for coast will good for the project i think.

Where do i start? Old charts are available from 2011 and not complete.

I speak explicite not from the ENC Charts! This works fine for me.
2 options here to convert Google earth satellite images to kap chart files

Useful where no chart data exists

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Hi toscan,

my home spot is the river Rhine. If I can give you one advise for your journey it's this: Don't trust any map of a river. The rivers are constantly changing and even the official ENC charts wont help at all. The maps create an illusion of safety but keep in mind that even big rocks in the Rhine aren't completely mapped and with the constantly changing water level you can hit em pretty badly.
If you create custom maps mark useful spots around the rivers like gas-stations, supermarkets, etc.
If you got hands on an android phone install the free app "navigator". It helps you to download the free osm maps so you can easily look for a doctor or a place to have dinner, etc. without internet connection. If you got this for general guidance on your trip I personally don't see any use in the river maps. Look out for the buoys and even more important look out for the water surface.

For the Rhine i do not make me much headache. My boat is 9.60 Steel flat bottom steel boat with a 32 horsepower engine from 1959 Mercedes OM636 Diesel engine.
Top Speed 11km on the water and i will come forward the Rhine with approx 2km at least. For this i take 4 weeks and i have Navionics and Navship also. Inside Germany i will have in General Internet but if i get instructions how to make charts for Openplotter i will give them for free integration. I am aware of the deficits on Maps.

For the moment i need anyways some help. Vessel is on a privat place close to the Venlo cyachting club. I will put the engine out of the boat but i do not have a driving license and no car. 15 km away is in Germany a pensioneer that helps me to check the engine and there so the idea since i did join openplotter i will fix the parts like RPM and temperature and so on

The target on this journey is mainly how to make this tour on the lowest financial level that is possible with reasonable security.

Do not worry after Bingen the tour for this boat will be more easy. I will have a outboard 5 horsepower Yamaha for security and when i am going down Danube River parts will go with electro engine outboard just not to take Diesel.
Solar Plattform of 480 Watt, MPPT Charge Controler and Batteries will help. All the time i was thinking about to use a victron but i guess i will take a EPSolar because i can more easy integrate in Openplotter with the RS485.

My route is very clear most limit in the finance as possible and things you can do yourself should not be bought.

OK i like to give back and if i need things like a airmar p66 or airmar DST800 to join the Waterdeap project of openseamap to give something back to the community than such things are not inside the official financial plans integrate. But it will give me pain that i am in danube delta at least and the only that do meassure regular data.

First i was thinking to go the way belgium but their restrictions i have to use VHF is changing my plans in this direction. OK in Case my boat realy do not can pass the Rhine i will go back and take the way Belgium next year. But at least the Rhine is for my plan the most heavy part. I take 4 Weeks for this and will see.

This trip in the way how i plan it is something like a proof of concept for me. Openstreetmap offers from level 17 only petrol stations. When i know how to make charts and change them i take them from level 17 to level 12.
Good morning toscan,

if you know how to read the river 11km/h top speed should be fine. With open eyes and a quick responding sonar that is working in shallow waters you can use the "Nährstrom" inside the "Kribben" (sry I don't know the translation) to pull you up the river. There are only a few places that are hard to pass with your speed but you got plenty of time so even if it takes a while eventually you will be fine if you wont stay in the main current.

I haven't used it yet but check out the avnav website. There is a section about map conversion.
Here are 2 programs that may help you.

Here you can download maps.

Here you can convert them to BSB /KAP.

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(2017-06-06, 10:08 AM)Luckbert Wrote: Hello,
Here are 2 programs that may help you.

Here you can download maps.

Here you can convert them to BSB /KAP.


Thanks both I do not know. The thorns if I buy a key and convert the maps, I can give for free the maps to anyone or I need still the key?

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