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OpenPlotter duplicating $STALK,86 keypresses
I've recently enabled generation of $STALK messages on my YachtDevices YDNR-02 WiFi multiplexer.  And an interesting problem has resulted.  Whenever I'm in AUTO mode and press +1, the AP changes +2.  Same for -1.  And worse, when I press +10, I get +20, etc.

In looking at the YDNR-02 debug output, it seems that the $STALK messages are going out/transmitted on "Server 1", which is a TCP connection, and then OpenPlotter, which gets all of the NMEA0183/2000/SeaTalk1 messages from that port, then SENDS BACK the $STALK messages, and then that gets multiplexed back out on the SeaTalk1 network.  For most messages, they are just duplicates:  ST1 sends a heading $STALK message, OpenPlotter sends the same message back, and it gets put back on the ST1 network.  Since it's the same data, no harm, no foul.

But in the case of $STALK,86,xxxxx  it's a keypress, and all of my AP keypresses are being duplicated, causing two key "presses" for every one that I do at the AP control head.  If the Raspberry Pi running OpenPlotter is turned off, then I do not have any duplicate keypresses.

Do I have something incorrectly set up in OP?  If not incorrect, how do I get OP to stop duplicating these messages?
I could filter out all $STALK,86 messages in the YDNR-02 filters, but that would result in things like the OpenCPN Raymarine autopilot plugin from functioning.

My only data connection is to the YDNR-02:
[Image: hXPTB0B.png]
(all other options are NO)
I think I found my own problem.

I didn't really understand the "Output Events", so I just followed the example in the description, including both nmea0183 and nmea0183out.
I definitely use nmea0183out for a single NodeRed flow, but I deleted the nmea0183 and that ended all of the $STALK duplications!

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