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Problem with IMU and Pypilot
A lot of these sensors are defective.

If pypilot detects issues, like some axes not working, or sometimes even the compass doesnt work but the other sensors do, it just wont detect it. So even if it shows in i2c-detect it might not work.
(2024-05-03, 11:30 AM)Sailoog Wrote: Forget SPI, I have just checked and that message always appears when the imu is not detected. I am afraid your devices are not detected probably due to hardware problems. You can try to force the imu detection editing ~/.pypilot/RTIMULib.ini if it exists but I do not think it will work either:

# IMU type -
#  0 = Auto discover
#  1 = Null (used when data is provided from a remote IMU
#  2 = InvenSense MPU-9150
#  3 = STM L3GD20H + LSM303D
#  4 = STM L3GD20 + LSM303DLHC
#  5 = STM LSM9DS0
#  6 = STM LSM9DS1
#  7 = InvenSense MPU-9250/MPU-9255
#  8 = STM L3GD20H + LSM303DLHC
#  9 = Bosch BMX055
#  10 = Bosch BNX055
#  11 = Old MPU-9255 (don't use)
#  12 = STM LSM6DS33 + LIS3MDL
#  13 = HMC5883L + ADXL345 + L3G4200D
#  14 = InvenSense ICM-20948

Thanks for your time sailoog. I've followed all of your advices but unfortunately it doesn't work... It's strange because raspberry detected the IMU at 68 address but pypilot no...

Sean, do you know what's the most effective sensor and I'll bought it?
Thanks in advance for your help!
icm20948 is just as good as the 9255 but not likely you will get a defective one
I have the same problems as described above.
Now I am looking for an icm20948 witch is pin compatible with the IMU slot of the macarthur hat.
Any suggestions?

(2024-05-15, 10:35 PM)gunter21 Wrote: I have the same problems as described above.
Now I am looking for an icm20948 witch is pin compatible with the IMU slot of the macarthur hat.
Any suggestions?


I got mine from here:

ICM-20948 Sensor Module 9 Axis MEMS Motion Tracking Device Sensor Low Power CJMCU-20948 Integrated Circuits ICM20948 (
Pi5 8GB, NVME SSD 512GB, MacArthur hat, OP4,
Thanks, just ordered one :-)

In the meantime I have tried two more sensors, unfortunately without success.
Since both sensors come from reputable suppliers, I am now doubting whether it is the sensors or whether I have configured something incorrectly

the first sensor is a
MPU-9250 which is shown at address 68 under I2C.
I set AD0 to 3.3V and changed the address to 69. Unfortunately without success, the sensor is still not recognized.


After that I just tried out a GY91 with MPU9250 and BMP280. The BMP280 works at address 76 and supplies data. The MPU is running at 68 and is not recognized

I use OP4, Raspi5/8Gb, Macarthur Hat
My first sensor was indeed defective. I ordered another one and now I have no problem with it.
Yes one sensor maybe defective,
but I tried two from different suppliers, what does not mean that they are working, unfortunately :-(
I use the pimoroni icm20948 sensors and never had a defective one.
I tried another sensor (the 3rd) and now it is working.
Many thanks.

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