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OP4 Headless empty or black screens
Hello, I am running a fresh OP4 install on a Raspberry 5 with the MacArthur Hat and an ICM-20948. Packages are updated to the latest (4.0.7 for Pypilot). The IMU seems to be working alright, data in SignalK seems logic and correct.

I am running a headless install and usually connect with Raspberry Connect or VNC. 

When I do this, some of the Pypilot graphics don't seem to rendered; specifically the calibration and scope ones. I have no monitor, so I am unable to see if this is due to the headless installation.

I have posted some screengrabs here:

Happy to help troubleshooting. Thanks!
That is a bit strange indeed! It seems to render the boat which is using opengl but not the plots.

If you run "pypilot_calibration" from the terminal, is there any useful text output?

Then there are no settings!!

Is there any chance you can pull pypilot from git and install locally (assuming you have a linux machine) then run "pypilot_calibration" and see if it renders?
Thanks for the swift reply, Sean. Appreciate your help.

Here's the output:

pi@openplotter:~ $ pypilot_calibration
failed to load pywavefront: Cannot connect to "None"
Unable to access the X Display, is $DISPLAY set properly?

Happy to pull from git and try again, but I need some help with the commands. Do I follow these steps?:

git clone
sudo python3 install

Sean, I think I found the culprit. It's Wayland.

I did switch to Wayland (via the Openplotter settings app) since running Openplotter Headless was extremely laggy.

I have now switched back to X11 and the Accel and Compass screens are now working. Scope however and Settings remain blank.
so we have to wait for wayland compatible version.

thanks for finding out.


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