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SignalK key and overall use of the OP config panel in OP0.11
Hey guys

So I'm playing with OP 0.11 (which is amazing compared to 0.8.  I really see all the hard work that the devs put on that.  It's getting quite exciting!)

I'm trying to configure my setup.  I have a BNX-055 sensor that act as my IMU.  It's getting detected alright by open plotter and without doing anything, it gives me the heading,  and pitch.  It took me a few minutes before realizing I need to map them on a signalK key before getting something in the inspector.  Now, I don't know which key I need to pick.  There's just WAY too much keys to pick from and at the same time, nothing jump at me.  The heading is currently mapped on naviguation.headingmagnectic (doesn't seem to work, but I don't know to which extend I need to walk with the setup to see if it would work).  The pitch and the heel, I have no idea what to pick??

And lastly, the gps doesn't seem to appear in the signalK diagnostic.  It isn't listed in the i2c devices either.  But, the auto-setup seems to detect it:

search NMEA0183 on /dev/ttyS0 with baudrate 9600
search NMEA0183 on /dev/ttyS0 with baudrate 19200

It's an Adafruit Ultimate GPS breakout.  It was working fine on the 0.8, so I'M not sure what config I'm missing to activate it in the openplotter configuration panel?

Thanks a lot
Ok. So restarted working on this today. Turns out you need to activate the GPS in the NMEA0183 as a serial. Once it's done, we get a fix. The problem though is that it seems to be conflicting with the other sensors. I'm not getting any temperature or pressure anymore from the signalK diagnostic window???

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