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Poll: Can we remove Freeboard node red module?
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Can we remove Freeboard node red module?
(2017-10-22, 09:44 AM)tocan Wrote:
(2017-10-21, 11:06 AM)shark24 Wrote:
(2017-10-21, 09:22 AM)tocan Wrote: Hi i did vote for delete it but did review myself. First a saw more activity in free note related things as fom open plotter this year. I do not use it.

Main development is done by one of the signal k developers and this year he did mainly work on a git that have no relation to signal k.

I am translating for the moment signal k development and as far as I understand free node is only necessary for arduino to work with signal k. So question is more if the people like to use arduino or not... units with low ram of 4 MB for example

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Tocan please read more carefully! It's about freeBOARD node which is a dashboard for node red. It hasn't been updated quite some time.
Besides thats if you need a certain additional node it takes you basicly two clicks to install it!
I do not understand why there is any need to deliver none default nodes with openplotter since the installation is so darn easy and one single outdated node can mess up the whole node red installation.
Not everybody have yours skills and in review of the different things I just mention here why it's suggested by the signal k team. And because one of the signal k heads is the developer of free node it's an easy stuff to contact him that things can be fixed. I review his git and saw that he did marked also parts as deprecated there.

I never did work with arduino but recently I bought 2 and around 100 sensors in a set to take first steps in winter time. SAILOOG mostly do not touch things he have in his git and I do not understand this forks there... In such case also you can drop MQTT or node red. The ones I did ask they use it say no because to complicate. I did ask German ones.

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My skills are reading and understanding some of the content. Again we are talking here about freeboard node!
It has nothing to do with Arduino and I can't find any connection to SignalK developers.
Again: freeboard is a DASHOBOARD for node-red!
There are alternatives to freeboard e.g. the one from node-red itself
So your arguments regarding dropping MQTT or node-red are completely nonsense!

Good luck with your Arduino starter-kit! It's allot of fun and there are many good tutorials in youtube.
Yes all was not clear to me because i did not look deep inside it.

I am looking just a bit inside signal k and did start the translation of the documentation... for this my page nearly is not availabe.

I just did stop in Signal K documentation here:


The JSON message format is supported across most programming environments and can be handled with any convenient library.

On micro-controllers with limited RAM it is wise to read and write using streaming rather than hold the whole message in precious RAM. There is an implementation of Signal K JSON streaming on an Arduino Mega (4K RAM) in the related Freeboard project.

And i thought the discussion here if kick the freeboard out than arduino is out of the race...

Was my error.
This is NOT the Freeboard of which Sailoog is speaking:
That Freeboard is similar software to Openplotter and has nothing to do with Node Red, it was built before SignalK by one of the SignalK founders, Robert Huitema. One could say without that Freeboard there would be no Openplotter.

Another fine reason to remove Freeboard (dashboard for NodeRed), to prevent this confusion!
tocan please, it is always really hard to work with you. My English is not the best either so this is what I do:

I try to read twice the posts before answering.
I try to stick to the post subject. If I have some question that do not fit the subject I open a new one.
I try to be concise on my posts. A long post in bad English is a guarantee of no answer, especially from non English native speakers
If I have the impression that someone is being rude to me, I ask before shooting.
@saqqara did explain that the freeboard I am talking have nothing to do with the freeboard you use in open plotter. I did thought all time it is the signal k freeboard. Freeboard was not described in open plotter documentation.

I know it's hard to work between the languages spaces special if I do write in Tapatalk because Google make additional autocorèctions

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