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Esp8266 - esp easy
(2021-01-02, 12:49 PM)Ranur Wrote: Ahh Paddy! Still strugeling with this one. I can get the MQTT part worked out, but I am having problems getting the MQTT data transfered to the LCD. Do you remember how you did it?

Best regards

Sorry, can't remember....  I've gone over to micropython on esp32 now so can't even go back to check - good luck!  Cool

I had this working a few weeks ago.
an extract from my notes ...

Can send over MQTT by using
Publish - ESP/cmd with payload/message - LCD,Lin,Row,”text” or value
where ESP is the NodeMCU device name 
Tested by sending from MQTT app on my pc.

Can also publish using Node-Red flow
  1. Config ESP controller to publish data to local or public broker as vessels/self/%tskname%/%valname%
    e.g BoatyMcboatface/electrical/batteries/house/voltage

  2. Use MQTT In Node to input data from broker
    Set Topic to BoatyMcboatface/electrical/batteries/house/voltage
  3. Wire MQTT In node to Function node
    Function node Properties
    msg.payload = "LCD,2,1,WiFi..." + msg.payload;
    return msg;
  4. MQTT Out Node with topic set as ESP Device name/cmd
I plan to fit the LCD2004 to display my tank sensor values
Fuel, Fresh and Black - read by ADS1115/ESP8266

Anyone succeeded in getting sensor data from ESPEASY into SignalK using UDP?

EDIT: I'll answer my own question - Yes I just did !

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