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i cant activate any channels from the spi tab double click.. the value button opens its window.
i haven messed with it lately, but was doing some testing today with a acs712
i have the mcp3008 connected to spi ..spi is enabled in config.?
mare liberum
I have same problem
I had previously setup the MCP3008 and just wanted to change the SignalK keys - I now cant edit anything on that tab

OP V 0.17.0
i pulled the MCP3008 "desoldered it" from my proto board it was on, and put the imu there
i always got readings even without a sensor on it and had to zero it out in nodered.
same thing with arduino nodered, reading analog getting data with no sensor..
i am going to try a ADS1115 next or mqtt with a esp32..
mare liberum
(2018-01-20, 01:43 PM)jim321 Wrote: i am going to try a ADS1115 next or mqtt with a esp32..

That's what I have, ADS1115 & esp8266 - very easy to set up the esp using espeasy, though not sure that works with the esp32. Fewer wires going near the Pi as well, does it all over wifi. Fraction more power draw though. Using differential measuring gets rid of earth loop problems but uses more inputs. Really accurate!  Cool
can you share some details of your ADS1115 setup please
found this

but would like to see how paddy has it working also..
mare liberum
So far - most of it working but need a bit tidying up-
Esp has esyeasy loaded onto it >

Then all the setting up is done on a web page, not as versatile as writing stright code but much easier Smile

There are 2 ADS1115, a voltage divider, BMP280 and a so far unconnected serial /TTL .
On the initial setup you connect the esp to the openplotter network then it connects to that automatically and has a 10.10.10.*** IP address. Everything goes out as MQTT, then some of it gets converted to signalk by openplotter and some other data is taken care of by node-red. 

Such a powerful little board for so little money!

[Image: espformqtt.jpg?dl=1]

The control(IDX) indicates where the data is sent to, MQTT is 1, UDP is also an option. Seems stable enough though occasionally it seems to restart itself - only noticed if you look for how many long it has been running on the main tab, 3 days 23 hours it says at the moment. Only one serial connection unfortunately, but better than none Smile
[Image: espformqtt2.jpg?dl=1]
Thanks PaddyB,
I've ordered one to experiment with.

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