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@mxtommy KIP instrument display webapp for Signalk
(03-29-2018, 01:22 PM)mxtommy Wrote:
(03-29-2018, 11:00 AM)noworries Wrote: I got my gauges all dialed in, and then I changed the IP address of my pi and lost it all.  What's the preferred way to save your setup once you're done?

Can somebody point me in the right direction on how to update KIP?  The Signal K server doesn't show any updates available, but it's 0.1.6 and it looks like the current release is 0.4


Currently Kip's config is stored in your browsers LocalStorage, which is tied to the domain(or ip) of the webpage serving kip. It's not the most ideal, but short of some server-side functionally (kip currently is client-side only webapp) there's nowhere else to store it. That said if you go into the settings, there is a config tab that shows json. You can copy that json, and paste it into the same page on a new instance of Kip, and it will load the settings (including the old server URL, so update that if it changed)

As for updating, the actual released version is still 0.1.6. the 0.2/3/4 stuff is my (ever changing) roadmap. I'm hoping to release a 0.1.7 sometime this weekend or next week, which should hit a few of the features I want for 0.2, as well as has a bunch of refactoring under the hood to make things easier for me going forward.

If anyone has suggestions for the config storage, feel free to suggest Smile


Thanks for explanation... I put it in my host file so I could reference it by name, I figured that would work the next time I changed openplotter's address.   I will cut & paste the json
In case anyone is interested, just pushed a new version Smile Note, Any configs stored in browser from older versions will be lost as config format has changed.

Mainly a refactor of a bunch of stuff that you don't see, but was really needed. A couple new features though Smile
From Change log:

* Performance gain in Numeric widget in large fonts
* Sailgauge updates (laylines, windsectors, general refactor)
* Simplified source selection in the code
* Removed Derived Data (should use server plugin)
* Added Percentage unit, and stopped showing "no unit" on numeric
* Updated Angular from v4 to v5 and also all dependencies to latest version (so many changes)
* Complete re-write of widget settings modal for future ease of coding
* Complete re-write of unit conversion service. Now if server metadata specifies unit, it only offers you compatible units
* Gauge Background and frame color options! (and also centered!)
* new Signal K Theme

Not promising it's bug-free. If you spot any feel free to open an issue on github! Smile
Numeric display, percentage isn't working for me. gives -- when configured as percentage - the no unit value is .5 (humidity)

When I switch from signalk.org to my localhost:3000 it tends to lock up when running on the local pi and try to configure something. For example, I want to get rid of the Turned background of the speed gauge in the demo configuration - I click the gear to do that and it hangs. Eventually I'm prompted whether I want to kill or wait. I've tried clearing cache to no avail. (CPU ~ 41%)

From my Android phone it works better - saw a similar failure then refreshed and it worked ok after that.

(I did just change back to a pi 3b from a 2b concurrent with upgrading KIP, fwiw).

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