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Hello everybody

Last summer bought the motor controller from Pypilot website but used it only with a clutch-less actuator. 

Now I'm going to buy a linear actuator (found a second hand 'Raymarine Type 2' ) that has the clutch. 

I read on Motor Controller schematics that pin 11 on arduino controls the clutch but I'm not sure if it is directly connectable or if it needs some additional circuit.

Somebody can help me?

Thank You, bye
No, the electrical current that comes out of one of those pins is not big enough to drive clutch magnets; some service manual suggests a clutch current of max 1.5 amperes. So you need some kit to sit in between. Google search for 'relais module' if you want something ready-made, which I'd suggest. But if you want to get into electronics you only need a few parts to make one yourself.
You can drive a mosfet from pin 11 to drive the clutch. See the schematic of the hydraulic controller:
Thanks Sean
I saw it but don’t know precisely which model of MOSFET. Can you advise me about it?

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You should use a logic level mosfet capable of handling the current you need with acceptable losses. There are a wide range of mosfets suitable.