Full Version: victron batery monitor BMV601S to signal-K
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Hi Guys,

I have a Victron BMV601S and want to have the data like voltage and stae of charge etc in to signal-k so it can be displayed.
I found on the internet the pinout of the serial port and i got the serial data in the raspberry pi witt gtk.

How do i get open plotter to read the usb port and transfer the data in signal-K ?

The data is pretty straight forward, it are fixed items and the value behind that changes.
If some one could give me the code for one item i can figure out the rest ill gues.

Hi, one possibilty is via node-red. It is installed under openplotter 0.9.0 alpha. go to you browser on the pi and open Node-red. Here you can create an new flow with as input an USB/serial interface. you can easily make an output with node-red dashboard. It should be possible to create an output in Signal-K format.