Full Version: AvNav in OpenPlotter 3
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There are some problems with AvNav in OpenPlotter 3 alpha.

- OpenCPN flatpak does not run when the o-charts plugin of AvNav is running:

- AvNav kills signal k server:

any idea?
I guess it mainly goes to @e-sailing...
I already discussed a bit with him. We found the last version of avnav-installer to be broken (all the user pi stuff).
Killing the signalK server is nothing AvNav really can do - so again only the installer could....

For the OpenCPN flatpack issue:
I have no idea.
Do we have more info beside the one post ?
Currently I most probably do not really have a chance to test this (traveling for a while). What I could imagine :
(1) some LD_LIBRARY_PATH issues
(2) some clashes in display settings (avnav-ocharts uses Xvfb - this should normally not interfere - but you never know).
The problem with signalk is caused by openplotter-avnav when using another user than pi. Fix in work.
There are some other fixes which should be changed in 3.0.5 already.
OK, thanks.
Latest Raspberry OS versions include tools to change the default user pi at first start, so I guess we will no longer see the user pi around.
We found the issue for OpenCPN flatpack to being able to run with avnav-ocharts plugin running...
Seems to be a bit similar to
So I will change the avnav-ocharts-provider to use a Xvfb display number different from 99 (the default). Most probably I will make this configurable to be prepared.
On the other hand it's a bit unclear what flatpak is doing there...
Ok, now the installer 3.0.6 is available that should fix the user issues.
Additionally a new version of the AvNav ocharts-plugin (20220605) is available that should fix the OpenCPN flatpak issue.
I did a quick test with no errors, thanks!
Could you also check the OpenCPN flatpak issue?