Full Version: Tinypilot manual control with RF remote device
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Hello all,
I noticed some issue when using the manual control of Tinypilot with the radio frequency device.

Although manual control works perfectly with the buttons, with the RF control I am just able to operate the rudder a few times, then the rudder got lazy and move by small steps. I have to wait a while to obtain a full displacement of the rudder.

I believe that this issue has been discussed in the past but I am not able to find back the thread.
What version of software and setup is this?

There should be many improvements to manual control in the more recent software but I have not posted an image yet.
Hello Sean,
one more time thanks to reply quickly. I am operating version 0.32.
any way to make a short video demonstrating the problem?
Hello Sean,
I will try to make a video as soon as possible.

Sorry Sean, I have found the culprit: the battery of the RF controler was exhausted, with a voltage at rest around 9.5 volts. When I have tried to put it back in place it was slightly too long to enter and just after it has popped in my hands...
Sorry to loose your time for a so stupid issue.