Full Version: Pinout for rudder feedback
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Have been unable to find a pinout for the rudder feedback on my motor control board. Image is attached. Is ground the pin closer to the edge of the board or closer to the center of the
Hi, For some reason, your picture hasn't been attached correctly. Can you give it another try. (could be the size of it)
This is an older thread but I have the same issue. Here's a photo my motor controller (build by Sean). 

My actuator provides potentiometer feedback. I assume this goes to the pins/holes labeled rudder. The box with the round surfaces makes me think those are for 0 and 10k Ohm ends (rheostat) and the square one for the center of the pot. This would also make sense for the End stop which uses the same convention but confirmation would be nice.

I couldn't find any documentation on the PCB.

[Image: AP1GczPHIpOgaxVlX_D64q3keL9XVhvjua3o4HBL...29-s-no-gm]

I think I found my answer here:
yes, the center pin is the feedback input not the square pin.
Not to hijack this thread, but a question related to the rudder sensor input:
The Raymarine ST4000 rudder feedback sensor is essentially a 0-5,000 ohm potentiometer.  Would this work with the Pypilot computer?
More info on the Raymarine sensor here:
Yes, it should work assuming you wire it correctly.