Full Version: More first impressions
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I finally connected the Hat to my RPi. Lots of work needed on my boat, so that delayed things.

I'm somewhat of a newbie, so it took a while to understand how to get it connected.
The documentation is excellent and the assembly process went smoothly.

I'm currently using VNC on my desktop comouter at home. Boat is on land for the winter ;-(

My setup:
Tiller:    Raymarine ST2000 Autohelm. Not connected yet. Need to locate a compatible plug to test with. The original plug is on the boat.
GPS:     GlobalSat BU-353S4 USB
Cabin LCD:  10" bright display with touch, HDMI, 12v

Depth:  nothing yet
Speed:  nothing yet
Wind:  nothing yet

Some comments on the Documentation.

The web page at should have the version / date information as in the documentation.
I can see that the Features image does not match my v1.0 Hat. Different I2C & 12v locations.

Features: The point-list should match or reference the labels printed on the board.
ie. IMU: 10 pin connector for optional compass, heel, and trim via internal or external add-on module (IMU 9DOF).
    I2C: 1x STEMMA QT/Qwiic connector for multiple I2C sensors (IMU, temperature, pressure, humidity, gas...). Compatible with most Adafruit and SparkFun sensors.

(Too many acronyms for newbies... )

Maybe list tools needed for assembly?
    Phillips PH1, 4mm hex socket for power module, 5mm hex socket for Hat.

    Do not power the Raspberry Pi with the 5V power supply when the power module is present.
        did you mean
    Do not power the Raspberry Pi with the 5V power supply AND 12v on the HAT.
    Note:  I installed the power module and used a 5V supply on the RPi. I do NOT have 12v connected to the Hat (yet).
            It seems to be working OK...

    An example of switch and fuse (with specs) would be useful.
Finally:    A list of the H/W differences between Hat versions.

General note:
Idea There is a huge variation in the various combinations of equipment that can be / is already installed.
I understand that you may not want to recommend a specific piece of equipment, but for those of us who are missing most things, it would be _really_ useful to have specific part numbers & suppliers.

I was looking for a 10" waterproof bright display for outside. It was incredible difficult to find a supplier AND part number that I could order and know would work.
We spend hours looking for alternative items or ways to match our current equipment with our RPi / MacArthur Hat installations.
That effort should be a resource for other people looking for the same or similar items.
Perhaps a forum section on specific equipment with sources, part numbers and what is required to make it work ?
ie: Equipment compatibility: Display, IMU, Depth gauges, Wind indicators, Power/Batttery status, Cases, etc...  Each forum section would have a sticky topic with a list of specific part numbers and suppliers followed by comments below.
I would even volunteer to moderate  Wink

... I'm looking forward to installing the RPI and Hat on my boat... Heart
If you have the MacArthur HAT v1.0 follow only these docs: