Full Version: Motor controller for Raymarine Type 1
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Hi there,

I am looking for a motor controller for my Raymarine Type 1 linear drive. I read in a forum ( that it consumes a max. current output of 15A (stall). In the pypilot store, I found that both options "high power controller" and "mid power controller" fit my case, so I'm trying to decide which one to aim. 

As long as the "mid power controller" is out of stock, would it be OK if I install the high power one, although it will overpass type 1 needs? Also, I read the sentence in the high power controller: "This controller can directly connect to the pins of the raspberry pi (no additional arduino required)", which would simplify the system.

Shall I get the high power motor controller?

Thank you,

The high power controller can support it, yes. I should be receiving more mid power controllers by next week.
(2024-02-20, 05:49 AM)seandepagnier Wrote: [ -> ]The high power controller can support it, yes.  I should be receiving more mid power controllers by next week.

Apologies for hacking into this dialog. But mine is a related question.
I have this arm that has the same power specs as the OP:
Mine may be older and was run by a Raymarine SP X5 computer that is still untested 2 years later since I got my boat. Rolleyes

- Would the High Power Motor Controller be a better option to make sure there is always enough power for the tiller pilot arm?
- Would having the High Power Motor Controller introduce any negative issues?
I would rather have a controller that does not get underpowered and fails or dies... were that possible at all.
Knowing this would be highly appreciated.

Europe's OpenMarine in Spain only has the Mid Power Motor Controller in stock right now, but I am in no hurry to purchase the right controller. None at all.



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