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I have gone through this scores of times and cannot get it to work.

I can see the AIS 0183 sentences on ttyAMA0 but there is no fix. 

There are no AIS or GPS RX/TX lights flashing. 

I have installed and reinstalled. I get to the point where I have approved the device and i can select the alias from the drop down. But when I hit refresh, I get a cannot connect with the device error, try to refresh.  Which I do, and get the same error message.

There are no errors reported when I check the system and Maiana seems to check out..

Can anyone help?

OpenPlotter version?

How do you check traffic in ttyAMA0?

Are you indoor or outdoor/boat?
Pi 5 running openplotter 4 (settings says 4.0.64-beta)
Serial 4.0.10-beta
Maiana AIS transponder 4.0.11-stable

checked using "screen /dev/ttyAMA0 38400"
I am indoors (not on my boat) 
Using a new Cat5e cable.

I assume the base unit is using POE

OK, you will not get GPS position or AIS targets indoor, so the LED will be off. Try to go outdoor or place the system as near a window as possible.

Make sure no other program is trying to get data from ttyAMA0. Only Signal k server should do that. IS Signal k getting data?
It appears Signal K is seeing the data:
Mar 06 06:36:02 2024-03-06T11:36:02.683Z signalk-server:events:connection:maiana:nmea0183 $GPRMC,001054.100,V,,,,,,,060180,,,N,V*39
Mar 06 06:36:02 2024-03-06T11:36:02.704Z signalk-server:events:connection:maiana:nmea0183 $GPVTG,,T,,M,,N,,K,N*2C
Mar 06 06:36:02 2024-03-06T11:36:02.748Z signalk-server:events:connection:maiana:nmea0183 $GPGGA,001054.100,,,,,0,0,,,M,,M,,*49
Mar 06 06:36:02 2024-03-06T11:36:02.780Z signalk-server:events:connection:maiana:nmea0183 $GPGSA,A,1,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,1*03
Mar 06 06:36:02 2024-03-06T11:36:02.813Z signalk-server:events:connection:maiana:nmea0183 $GPGSA,A,1,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,2*00
Mar 06 06:36:02 2024-03-06T11:36:02.831Z signalk-server:events:connection:maiana:nmea0183 $GPGSV,1,1,00,0*65
Mar 06 06:36:06 GET /skServer/debugKeys 304 4.371 ms - -
Mar 06 06:36:14 2024-03-06T11:36:14.886Z signalk-server:events:connection:maiana:nmea0183 $GPGLL,,,,,001106.100,V,N*7D

I see no conflicts on ttyAMA0.

The Miana transponder app is not seeing the device. Is that normal without a fix?

I am also seeing json error in the server log in the minute or so after the nmea senetnces:
For example:
Mar 06 06:45:58 2024-03-06T11:45:58.781Z signalk-server:events:connection:maiana:nmea0183 $GPGSA,A,1,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,1*03
Mar 06 06:45:58 2024-03-06T11:45:58.814Z signalk-server:events:connection:maiana:nmea0183 $GPGSA,A,1,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,2*00
Mar 06 06:46:00 2024-03-06T11:46:00.684Z signalk-server:events:connection:maiana:nmea0183 $GPRMC,002052.101,V,,,,,,,060180,,,N,V*3D
Mar 06 06:46:10 Could not parse JSON:HTTP/1.1 408 Request Timeout
Mar 06 06:46:10 Could not parse JSON:Connection: close
Mar 06 06:46:10 Could not parse JSON:

I assumed they are unrelated but ...


I moved the antenna as close to a window as I can without moving my workbench. And I am am now now seeing occasional RX flashes and  !AIVDM sentences, but I am still getting that issue in the Maiana app.
So I got a good long ethernet cable, and the maiana is well out of the window, with a clear line view of the sky to the north, east, and south. (I am seeing most of the traffic I expect in the harbour, two to three miles west of me, in openCPN.)  I am also getting a goof fix but am unable to connect to the device when using the Maiana transducer app to finish the setup.
Sorry for this stream of consciousness. ...

In my review of other openplotter/maiana issues. You had suggested running in debug mode, which I can't find. But I did run openplotter-maiana from the command line and this popped up:

(openplotter-maiana:8036): Gtk-CRITICAL **: 16:19:05.680: gtk_box_gadget_distribute: assertion 'size >= 0' failed in GtkScrollbar

(openplotter-maiana:8036): Gtk-CRITICAL **: 16:19:05.744: gtk_box_gadget_distribute: assertion 'size >= 0' failed in GtkScrollbar
you will find the debug mode in openplotter-settings

you can ignore that Gtk-CRITICAL errors

can I suggest testing with OpenPlotter v3?
(2024-03-11, 07:00 PM)Sailoog Wrote: [ -> ]you will find the debug mode in openplotter-settings

you can ignore that Gtk-CRITICAL errors

can I suggest testing with OpenPlotter v3?

I am sitting on a PI5. Will it work on a v3 run on a 5?

what should I be looking for in the logs?

Does this help? I get this when i click on network after clicking on settings in Maina AIS transponder app:
wrong external apps format: invalid syntax (<string>, line 0)
No module named 'openplotterSdrVhf'
No module named 'openplotterAvnav'
No module named 'openplotterNotifications.ports'
No module named 'openplotterMaiana.ports'
No module named 'openplotterIob'
No module named 'openplotterGpio'
No module named 'openplotterI2c'
No module named 'openplotterPypilot'
No module named 'openplotterCan.ports'
No module named 'openplotterSerial.ports'
oops sorry, OPv3 is only for RPi4.

You can ignore those errors too.

Once you enabled the debug mode open a a terminal and type openplotter-maiana to open the maiana app. Try to connect again and any error will be sent to the terminal.
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