Full Version: [CLOSED] USB serial devices disconnections in OP3 on RPI3B+
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Hello everyone,
I'm using OpenPlotter v.3 - 64 bits on Raspberry 3B+, with OpenCPN 5.6.4, all updated to the latest versions.
I connect the following devices to this Raspi:
- GPS, at home to test a small G-Star IV mouse, on board an Evermore SA-320, connected to the USB port.
- VHF with AIS Radio Ocean RO4800 receiver, connected to the USB port.
- Sean's weather sensor with Davis anemometer, connected to the USB port.
- USB keyboard and mouse.
- Powered USB hub (different on board and at home).
- Sean's Tinypilot with the latest beta version, connected via Ethernet cable.
I experienced some problems last autumn due to frequent connection losses on the GPS and/or anemometer. As I wanted to use Pypilot in both wind and GPS modes, these disconnections were a real pain. So I'd like to try and solve this problem.
I've done a lot of experiments at home to try and understand the problem, but it's not easy for me. It usually happens instantly when I open Chromium, but it also happens randomly after a few hours or less. Restarting OpenPlotter or unplugging and replugging the device is necessary to re-establish the connection.

Your help would be welcome! Thanks.
To close my last post, I have reinstalled from scratch with OP3 32 bits on a SSD and it's working fine on the desk, no more issue with serial ports and no freeze.