Full Version: using pican-m as a remote chartplotter
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I want to create an addition chart plotter connected to my N2k network.

I already have a MacArrthur hat set up and running on the network.  

Can i safely plug the second pi with the pican-m hat into the N2K network using a regular drop, given the network is already powered. I am also running openplotter and signal k on the pican-m/pi.

There should be no problem
(2024-03-29, 12:57 PM)Sailoog Wrote: [ -> ]There should be no problem

It seems as soon as the pican-m device powers up I lose my n2k to my chartplotter and have to reboot my MacArthur Pi to restore it.

I am powering the pican-m pi via the n2k network, which seems to be the default.

I know this is almost certainly not a MacArthur hat issue, so I am happy to take it elsewhere if necessary.

Never mind. Powered separately, and all is cool.