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[OP2] I2C 2.1.2 adding additional sensors - SkipperEarly - 2020-08-24

I am trying to add some sensors which I had used with OP1 to be used on rpi3b running OP2.
SHT21 + HTU21 (temp/pressure/humidity and 10DOF (IMU and temp BMP180)

The I2C 2.1.2 discovers only MS5607-02BA03 on address 0x77. This only enables to configure the SignalK keys for pessure and temperature but not humidity and the signalK values are somehow unrealistic.
I could also select BME280 and set address manually but values are rubish.

Checking on the addresses I also get 0x19, 0x1E, 0x40 and 0x6B, which would correspond to the datasheet addresses of above sensors but configuring them manually does not give realistic values in signalk either.

Is there somewhere a configuration file for the I2C values for different sensors which I could amend or some help for adding additional I2C sensors ?

Any advice what else to do to configure I2c sensors?

RE: [OP2] I2C 2.1.2 adding additional sensors - Sailoog - 2020-11-02

some news:
please post there any issue or suggestion