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My Openplotter setup - Techstyle - 2022-04-07

Here is a video of my setup:

RE: My Openplotter setup - Sailoog - 2022-04-07

thanks for sharing!

RE: My Openplotter setup - Boatingbaileys - 2022-04-07

Thumbs up from me ? always good to see what others have done

RE: My Openplotter setup - Techstyle - 2022-04-08

Thanks guys.

I hope to record a bit more when in the water, as well as a episode on the Monitor. I may do one covering OP3 install from scratch as well, but that may be in the fall - boat projects are for non-sailing season (we only get 5 months here in the Great Lakes!)

@Boatingbaileys I may do a video on the install of a ESP32 on the 3GM30F engine - I will reference your video and focus on how to set it up on my particular engine. the Dev Board hasn't arrived yet

RE: My Openplotter setup - Techstyle - 2022-04-10


the Heading path is 'self.navigation.courseOverGroundTrue' and the source was the USB GPS.

hopefully that helps?

RE: My Openplotter setup - Boatingbaileys - 2022-04-11

Thanks for that. Strangely I think I have an issue in KIP. I can’t get it to save the settings on that path, I don’t get an error but when I go back in the source is blank again. I’ve tried random ones in there too to change it but I always clears the source. I’ll have to investigate further…