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New Py Zero 2 W is Out!
Thank you Stelian, this file seems different from the previous one, I will try it if possible on your release and Sean's release and report.
Hi Stelian, I have installed the last pypilot.tcz on your Tinycore 13 based image.
The mode options are back in the web configuration tab, but even if the RF key action is recognized, there is no action when ticking the mode buttons. None of the buttons from compass mode to profile+ works.
On the web control, same problem than before, the mode choice doesn't work.

I sent you an email with the log en my To make it even more interesting: because of the messages of Erickalon I checked whether I could change the compass option to wind on the web control, and I could without any problem. I don't have an RC, so I cannot test that. I also tested whether I could change my rudder position through the web control, and that functions effortlessly too.

Hello Hans-Martijn, on my equipment, when I try to change from compass to gps on the web control, the reading on the web control change but if the mode state doesn't change on the OpenCPN Pypilot control. Don't have you the same behavior?
Hi Eric,

I am beta-testing O 5.7.1, in which there is no Pypilot plugin (yet?). I did not understand that you used both and didn't see a difference in the other app, I'm sorry for the misunderstanding!

I currently have several virtual screens open, I use a trackpad with which I can easily change screens, so I use the pypilot web interface (and I made an interface for my boat, so I can manage light, heating, etc.)

Hi Hans, as I am now at home, I noticed the lack of action by two ways, one is that the mode doesn't change on OpenCPN pypilot control window, but also there is no change on the Tinypilot display (the border around C or G).

Slightly apart, during my tests today, I have noticed the tack control working, it was a nice surprise! Unfortunately, I am not able to get it working now... Did somebody has news about this matter?
Sean has updated the unstable branch at github, and has fixed the mode change: updated tcz at
Unfortunately I cannot test Eric's problem, everything else seems to work still. For me there was no change in behavior; I still have to restart pypilot.

Hi All, I notice no change with this release. Still the same issues:
- on the web app, configuration tab, LCD and remote control setup, it's not possible to configure the mode buttons for the RF control.
- On the web app, control tab, mode choice is not working (no change in the Tinypilot display nor on the OpenCPN Pypilot window.
- The tack control works fine from OpenCPN Pypilot control or with the RF controler but only on Port side, not on Starboard side (probably as with the previous test because I remember that I had make my last trials on Sbd side only).
Hi @Erickalon and @Hans,

I believe I have fixed all the issues you reported: signalk connection on startup, RC setup on web configuration page, mode change.

I have build a new package, please download it from here:

Changes have been submitted to Sean in github.

Please confirm everything is working properly.

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