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New Py Zero 2 W is Out!
Hi Stelian, excellent !!!
This last release works fine on my equipment. So I have been able to configure the Radio Frequency remote controller and that's working. The SignalK connects as well if I start the Tinypilot once Openplotter is running or in teh inverted conditions.
To give a full feedback, the mode choice still doesn't operate on the web app, but that is not critical for me, I prefer to use the RF control or Openplotter, and the taaking command doesn't works on both side.
So thanks a lot for your efficient action and congratulations from a newbie.
Hi Erickalon,

Are we talking about the mode change as shown on the attached screenshot ? Because when I change using this dropdown list, it does change the current mode on the pypilot display. So there must be something I do not understand.... Did you try different browsers ?

As for the tack, please be more specific: what exactly does not work ? Are you talking about the User Interface which is misbehaving somehow or is the tack functionality itself (movement of the rudder) which is not working on one side and working on the other ?

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Yes Stelian, I am talking of this interface. When I try to change the mode, the reading (compass or GPS) change accordingly, but there is no effect: no change of the value on the display (with the OpenCPN control, the set point - compass route or GPS route to be followed - change because these values are really different on my desk)and the mode doesn't change on the OpenCPN display nor on the Tinypilot display (where the chosen mode is highlighted by a square border).
Of course, I just relate the situation on my equipment, that's maybe not the case for other users.
For the tack, I am talking of the behavior of the software as I make my trials at home for now. I was not aware of this function until now due to the numerous feedback on this malfunction and Sean's information on the lack of time to solve this question. But during my last trials I noticed that that was working on port side but not on starboard. At the activation of the tack button, the set point was changed as supposed to be, so probably the rudder would be controlled accordingly. Unfortunately, I have made the same trial with your last release and it's no more working.
I don't understand why it behaves like this on your side. I've redone the test here, and all of web interface, tinypilot display and OpenCPN pypilot plugin are in sync: changing the mode on one of them is changing the others as well... Do someone else see this ?

You didn't answer to the web browser question ? And do you have the same behaviour if you connect to the web interface with another web browser ?

As for tack, after looking at the code, I think it might be working, even if the display of the heading seems strange. I think this needs to be tested on water. I will talk to Sean about this.
Hi Stelian,

Like I mailed you this morning, now I get a connection at boot. Thus far the connection holds, so that's a good sign. Normally the connection fails after more than a day, so I'll keep you posted.

Thanks again for fixing this!

Hello Stelian,
your idea was good, the problem of the web interface seems linked to the web browser. I am unable to get the mode change with Firefox on an Android tablet and an a mobile phone and on my W8 laptop linked by wifi on and Tinypilot configured as master and client. With Chrome that's ok. Curiously, on the OP Raspi linked by LAN on it' not working with Chrome. But it's a very specific situation, no need to dig in this way.
For the tack, I will make trials at sea asap.
Have a good day,
Ok I will do some tests with other browsers in the next few days... at least we know now that it is probably a javascript problem.
I have tested on Android, Firefox and Chrome on Linux, Edge on Win 10, all seem to behave correctly. Maybe the problem is elsewhere (maybe try emptying your browser cache ?)?
Hello Stelian,
I am afraid that my problem is linked to my special configuration with a LAN connection. The result is roughly good for me but probably not clean for a programmer but as it works...
I have made some trials again, no change, that is ok with Chrome and Edge from my laptop W8 but not with Firefox and not working properly with Chrome on the Openplotter Raspi (the mode choice window is too small to show the reading). Sorry to not be able to help you with a clear report.
For those who are interested, I have rebuild the latest unstable (for tinypilot 13....) with a few fixes here:

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