Full Version: Raspberry Pi 4 released!
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Anyone got one yet? Looks interesting though a Pi3 does (very nearly) all I need, increased power consumption might not be welcome. Still want one though! Smile

Would Openplotter run on it without tweaking?
I have just ordered.
Now, as I finally got around and was installing my 3 B+ this came along... :-)
Murfy strikes again...
Just purchased my first pi a 3 b+ three weeks ago to run this project.

How long until the dev's get one and make a new release? I'm sure that the raspian kernal needs to change with all the hardware upgrades on the pi 4.
Could it come with OP v2.0???
More memory looks interesting, as well as two displays.

I just tried Element 14 and they are backordered. Does anyone actually have them in stock?

I just read on a Facebook group that the Moitessier HAT won't work on the RPI4. Is this true?
2 GB seems to have the 2GB model in stock but the 4GB is preorder.
Bloody hell !
One week ago, the rasp. org continued intoxicating the technical media, in such a way that they all concluded that the Pi 4 should not appear before the end of this year ! The stock level of Pi 3 B + is probably a bit high ! Angry

Trying to convince to change PI3 for Pi4 in my last order (in preparation state) ! Hope they will agree ! Big Grin also has 1 and 2 Gb on stock and anounces PI 4 4GB in July ...
Yes, you are right Didier! I was looking at the Element 14 web site, and they were showing over 80,000 RPI 3s in stock.
Should Openplotter 10 runs in the PI4 smoothly?
Seems they all are out of the 4GB version but still have the 1-2GB.
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