Full Version: UART3 and UART5/NMEA 0183
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I have moved on to the instructions for setting up my 0183 devices. (Pi5, openplotter 4 beta.)

According to the instructions, I should be editing 3 and 5, but I don't have 5. I have 0,1,2,3,4. 5 is greyed out.

The picture in the docs shows UARTS 0,2,3,4,5. What GPIO pins should I be enabling? (UART3 says 8 and 9, which creates a conflict with the CAN bus.)

Raspberry Pi 5

NMEA 1 in/out: UART2
NMEA 2 in/out: UART4

Raspberry Pi 4 and 3

NMEA 1 in/out: UART3
NMEA 2 in/out: UART5
The manual is still only for OpenPlotter 3 and Raspberry Pi 4