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OpenPlotter 3 roadmap
Network 3.4.1 runs ok (doesn’t crash) with the Realtek dongle and as expected it remains not associated and cannot be configured.
(2022-05-24, 10:29 PM)broosmaxim Wrote: Not sure if this has already been posted but when using the onscreen keyboard, there is no way to input numbers or any other non-alpha characters.

I found this so apparantly it's not an openplotter issue, but maybe we can default to another onscreen keyboard or use the provided fix?

This is a good idea. We could make matchbox-keyboard a dependency of openplotter-settings and create some GUI to change the layout. People could create different layouts for different languages and we can add them in next versions.
(2022-05-24, 10:56 PM)Paul M Wrote: Network app 3.4.1 - After a couple of reboots following access point setup , IP address seems now to be set to and also ssid set to Openplotter and also what was wlan1 is now wlan9

I need the idiots guide - sorry Smile but it does seem to be working with the ralink dongle.

OK, thanks for reporting. That is the expected behavior, do not worry docs will be updated soon.

Screen power management just dissapeared from system settings...

how can i disable screen power saving now?
screensaver management is now in Raspberry configuration:
(2022-05-25, 02:33 PM)Sailoog Wrote: screensaver management is now in Raspberry configuration:


I foud it.
(2022-05-25, 09:57 AM)Sailoog Wrote:
(2022-05-24, 10:56 PM)Paul M Wrote: Network app 3.4.1 - After a couple of reboots following access point setup , IP address seems now to be set to and also ssid set to Openplotter and also what was wlan1 is now wlan9

I need the idiots guide - sorry Smile but it does seem to be working with the ralink dongle.

OK, thanks for reporting. That is the expected behavior, do not worry docs will be updated soon.

Thanks Sailoog. Looking forward to the doc update.
New version of openplotter-settings with bug fixes and the virtual keyboard included. To add keyboard layouts for your language visit this post: Custom virtual keyboard layouts wanted

This week we will go to beta and new Starting and Headless images will be released. Docs will follow.
I recently saw that notifications v3.0.4 had been released and upgraded to it, ran it to complete the install and now get the following error: Error reading Signal K Zones configuration. Is this plugin installed and enabled?

Looking at signal k, the plug-in is installed and going to plugin configuration and enabling it gives an error:Failed to start: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading map).

Hoping this is helpful but otherwise I’ll await the docs!
(2022-01-17, 09:10 PM)Sailoog Wrote: Hi all, first of all say sorry for being missing from the forum, we were busy (as usual...). I will try to answer some threads asking for news on apps pointing them to this one.

A new Raspberry Pi OS version based on Debian bullseye is published and this means that we have to publish a new OpenPlotter version too. We tough this transition would be fast and we were happy because some important changes were waiting for a major revision, but the Devil is in the details and we found some problems soon that must be fixed to move on. No big issues, just more time consuming than expected. I will try to do some planning here and comment on some changes.

One of the most important thing is that we have a new mantra: no docs, no app. That means that this time we get really serious with documentation and no app will be released without being fully documented.

OpenPlotter 3 official images will be 32-bit and 64-bit. OpenPlotter 3 apps will be also tested in Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy 64-bit for desktop, laptops and Raspberry.

In GREEN changes already done.
In RED changes in progress.
  1. Write general chapters in docs: Description and Getting Started.
  2. OpenPlotter Settings app. Improved package and sources  management.
  3. OpenPlotter Signal K installer app. Using Node.js version 16.
  4. OpenPlotter OpenCPN installer app. PPA and Flatpak sources are offered, both installations can coexists. Ready for the new o-charts plugin (unifies and improves oeSENC and oeRNC plugins).
  5. Release of alpha docs.
  6. MILESTONE: Release of 32 and 64 bit alpha versions for testers.
  7. OpenPlotter AvNav installer app.
  8. XyGrib.
  9. OpenPlotter Serial app.
  10. OpenPlotter CAN app.
  11. OpenPlotter Network app.
  12. OpenPlotter Notifications app.
  13. OpenPlotter MAIANA AIS Transponder app.
  14. OpenPlotter Dashboards app.
  15. MILESTONE: Release of beta versions for OpenPlotter Starting and OpenPlotter Headless images (Settings, Docs, Signal K installer, OpenCPN installer, Dashboards, Xygrib, Serial, CAN, Network ). Release of beta docs. Start apps translation.
  16. Beta version of OpenPlotter À la Carte. Website to request customized OpenPlotter images built on the fly by robots available 24/7. Customizable items: Image name, Hostname, User, Password, Language, Keymap, Layout, TimeZone, Wifi client (SSID, Password, Country), Wifi AP (SSID, Password, IP), SSH, Remote desktop, OpenPlotter Installed apps.
  17. OpenPlotter Pypilot app.
  18. OpenPlotter I2C app.
  19. OpenPlotter Moitessier HAT app.
  20. OpenPlotter GPIO app.
  21. OpenPlotter SDR VHF app.
  22. OpenPlotter IoT app.
  23. MILESTONE: Release of stable versions for OpenPlotter Starting, OpenPlotter Headless. Release of stable version of OpenPlotter À la Carte website.
  24. OpenPlotter MacArthur HAT app.
  25. OpenPlotter OpenMarine Box app.

OpenPlotter 3 Starting alpha

I will notify updates on this thread...

Im  tached what i already have done in production here. I really thing making releases like counted are a problems, because in your own architecture you kind a have a rolling release a-like software that has even counted on scripted generated image on the fly for that. I presume we're assuming the GIT architecture. Im planning to start contributing to the project on a fork of the entire system as i plan to update my apt.sources.list as a rolling release mode. I have to garantuee that my mobile arqchitecture syncs well with the GPIO board. Also im thinking to integrate voice activation comands trought Mycroft.Ai. Maybe we can contribute together. I have boung of collected stuff also in

Propose to change to model OpenPlotter GPIO as it doesnt make sense as it would be re-inventing the well. Maybe a fork of this project could be more precise and lazy LMAO. But that is the typicall thing that if hard to maintain as normally new protocols wil be implemented in MQTT and also for big boats a Network for MQTT is more inteliggent for sensor and pressure stuff that can be displayed in any KSignal Dashboard.

Also the IoT device manager as this is the same as the mqtt protocol that is very abroad and complex for machine telemetry.

sDR will have be maintained for many manufacturers and normally the only use for it is for Digital comunication and should be done in SSB (altought in VHF is the operation of the AIS System) There are another types of SDR comunication made that have transportation of the global system of Meteorology.

Please if you can add me to the GIT repo i think is better to manage the project there right?

Another important thing would be to open the GIT members for have more contributors as today is a very new project in GIT and im sure many people can contribute there in many ways.

Thanks for the opportunity of being part of the community

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