Full Version: New Py Zero 2 W is Out!
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To start I have to say I'm sorry, because I rebooted to fast to save the logs, which I will do next time, but apparently the Pi doesn't crash; it only loses all connection with signalk. I can however log in over ssh, I didn't try the web interface. When not under way it takes a lot more time, so perhaps in a week or two I can get logs.

Sorry again!

I do have all logging now (yes, it was disconnected again, but maybe not completely on it's own), but I prefer not to put all logging online...

(2023-03-21, 12:37 PM)hans-martijn Wrote: [ -> ]I do have all logging now (yes, it was disconnected again, but maybe not completely on it's own), but I prefer not to put all logging online...


I have sent you a PM with my email inside.

Looking at your pypilot logs, I see that you have some lines repeating like:

2021-11-26_11:24:16.28532 Exception converting signalk->pypilot unsupported operand type(s) for /: 'NoneType' and 'float' {'AI': {}, 'GN': {'navigation.position': {'longitude': XX.XX, 'latitude': XX.XX}, 'navigation.courseOverGroundTrue': None, 'navigation.speedOverGround': XX.XX}}

And then, starting from some moment you have many zeroconf errors:
2021-11-26_11:24:16.28573 signalk zeroconf service removed ...
2021-11-26_11:24:16.28584 signalk server lost
2021-11-26_11:24:16.28589 signalk zeroconf service add ...
2021-11-26_11:24:16.28601 signalk zeroconf service removed ...
2021-11-26_11:24:16.28612 signalk server lost

And it goes over and over again. Am I right assuming this is where it stops working ? (because logs continue until 2021-12-02_10:50:10.95254, so did you kept the tinypilot powered on for 7 days even it was no longer working ?)

I'm not familiar with the zeroconf/signalk part, I will look at it but maybe Sean has some idea on what is happening here.
Hmm, so was this fixed in git or not ?

And @hans-martin, what pypilot version do you use ? Did you updated to the latest git master or you're still using whatever version I had packaged in the tinypilot image one year and a half ago ?
I'm still running an old pypilot version with another fix of my own, but looking at the current github code this situation should be handled correctly as of sep-2022.
Ok so @hans-martin I guess you should give a try to a newer pypilot code and see if it does improve your problem.

Are you able to rebuild pypilot on your side or do you prefer me to provide you an up-to-date tcz for your to put on the sdcard ?

(I can provide both the master and the beta-not-yet-pushed-to-github from Sean)
Hi everyone following this thread.

I have finally build a new version of tinypilot based on tinycore-13 (enabling it to run on all versions of Rasperry PI, including the Pi Zero 2 or the Pi 4).

This version incorporates many improvements from this thread, and also from the latest Sean's beta image:

As a matter of fact, the pypilot code included in this image is the same as in Sean's beta ! But if you want to use the latest 'stable' code (master branch) instead, you can download the master pypilot.tcz (see below) and replace the one in the image.

You can also rebuilt it by yourself, the pypilot git tree in the image is tracking my fork of pypilot on github. Using tinypilot-13.1.0-fixes branch will get you the master branch from Sean's repo + a couple of fixes specific to tinypilot 13 (tracked here).

The new image can be downloaded here tinypilot13-20230326.img.xz , tinypilot13-20230326.img.xz.md5

Latest pypilot master can be downloaded here master pypilot tcz:

Sean's pypilot from 2023_03_14_beta can be downloaded here Sean's beta pypilot tcz

Feedback is very appreciated !
Great work Stelian!

I’ll install it next Thursday and I’ll let you know how it went!


Hi Stelian,
I have made a short trial of your version of Tinypilot. That seems to work fine on my desk, but I notice that it was not possible to configure the RC control that I like to use. As I don't operate a Raspi zero 2, I would prefer to keep one of the Sean's versions.
I have a choose to make between the 0.32 with the possible freeze of SignalK link but with all the possibilities I like to get or the beta version 0.40 that with no possibility to choose between compass, GPS or wind mode with RC control.
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