Full Version: New Py Zero 2 W is Out!
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RC is infrared ? If yes you're correct, I haven't made it work mainly for lack of interest...

RF RC should work fine on my image
Hi Stellian, no, I was talking of the radio frequency control sold by Sean (I have not used the right shortcut). I like it, mainly now with the new 8 buttons item.
But with your release, on the web interface (IP on wifi), I am not able to get other tab that "Control" with the Raspi Openplotter (network configured as AP and Station, add Ethernet Port activated). If I try to go on an other tab, I get only the following lines (and I am unable to revert to the control tab) :
pypilot server: Connected
Sservo Flags:
Autopilot Errors:
Web Server Larency: 36.x ms

With my laptop running W8, it's working fine.
By the way, like with Sean's beta release there is no more possibility to choose the mode (Compass, GPS or Wind) with the RF control.
Many thanks for your attention.
Sorry but I do not understand. Here, when I go to, then click on "Configuration" tab, then at the bottom of the page there is a link to configure the LCD, buttons and remote. You can also go directly to that page by browsing to

You say that it is working fine with your laptop. What does this mean ? That you're able to see the configuration tab correctly when accessing it through Windows browser ?

Pressing the "select" button on my remote toggles from C to G here...
@ Stellian. I am following my trial with your release. I must add a correction to my previous post. Once connected with my laptop I have changed the client configuration with the IP address previously used with the Sean's release and stopped the wifi on both equipment. I am now able to get all the tabs on the web app from my OpenPlotter Raspi.  So your release seems to work fine, and thanks to the Tinycore 13, doesn't need to add the USB to Ethernet pilot.
I will try it no a longer time now and report the result.
Anyway, there are errors in the pypilot code, I will rebuild soon a pypilot.tcz package based on the "unstable" branch as soon as I manage to sort a few things....
OK Stellian, I will follow your work.
Can you please try this one: ?

(it is build for my image, based on tinycore 13)
Hi Stelian,

I have tested now too, and it doesn't auto-connect to the signalk-server unfortunately. The modules are loaded, but no connection at all, even after several reboots of both signalk-server and pypilot...

@hans-martijn: what did you exactly test: my image or my image + the "unstable" tcz from the post above ?
Hi Stellian, I would like to test your new pypilot.tcz but I don't know the installation process. My progression in Tinycore use is very slow... Can you please explain me how do?
The running configuration works rather well, but the SignalK connection operate only if if reboot both equipment together. Once connected, that is ok.
Thanks, Eric
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